Joomla Development Services

StudioX Media Joomla development services are fast and cost-effective.

StudioX Media will get your Joomla development done quickly and for a reasonable price — especially when you consider the amount of time you could spend and aggravation you may experience trying to do it yourself.

  • Seasoned Joomla experts
  • Fast, cost-effective service
  • Joomla customizations built to your exact specifications
  • Fix and clean hacked Joomla websites
  • Joomla migration services
  • Joomla templates
  • Custom Joomla websites
  • Search engine optimization

Why DIY Joomla development when you should be spending your time doing what you do best?

You have a Joomla website; maybe you even launched it yourself. Now you are ready to set in motion an awesome set of Joomla customizations, but aren't sure how. Furthermore, you have a million other eCommerce or marketing initiatives on your plate that need to happen before you have the time to make those Joomla customizations a priority.

Your Joomla website is your calling card. It needs to be a priority.

While your Joomla site might have been easy to set up, making it stand out from the crowd can be time-consuming — especially if you are not a web designer or developer by trade. Plus, while the Joomla Extensions Directory is host to a plethora of free stuff and much of it can be of great use to your site, there are quite a few extensions available that can open up security holes in your site, drag your site speed down to a slow drip or even break the whole thing.

Joomla also has a somewhat confusing release cycle and it is essential that you understand exactly what this cycle is and how it works if you are going to do any sort of customizing to your Joomla site. In a nutshell, when a new cycle comes one, sometimes it won't affect your site at all. And sometimes you will have to upgrade both your site as well as every extension you are using.

Furthermore, just because Joomla comes with a default template, you should almost never use it. Launching your awesome business website with the default Joomla look is not going to get you a raving fan base of followers.

Your time is money. Spend it wisely.

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