eLearning Development

Don't get stuck with a failed eLearning platform.

Imagine spending countless hours and thousands of dollars building an eLearning course only to discover your students are bored and the drop-off rate is off the charts. Worse, because you used a generic eLearning platform you can't track where the students are dropping off or why.

Build a custom-built eLearning platform that helps you improve your courses over time.

It is rare that anyone publishes perfectly engaging, entertaining and educational material the first time, every time. But if you are running your courses off of an eLearning platform that is built to track your students, you can see exactly where your content wins, and where it doesn't. With that information, you can vastly improve your course over time.

How will StudioX Media help you? 

StudioX Media specializes in eLearning development to help you launch your eLearning platform smoothly and successfully. We also provide you with the necessary support and tools to make sure your eLearning course is a success.

  • Interactive courses (SCORM)
  • Tests/quizzes (SCORM)
  • Learning management system or LMS (SCORM)
  • The LMS keeps track of where a student has left the course to return them back to where they left off (SCORM bookmarking)
  • The LMS stores scores results of individual questions and more
  • The LMS and Courses developed are 100% browser based for the student and the administrator - no plug-ins required!
  • The LMS supports SCORM courses and is SCORM compliant
  • Provides variety online reports
  • Full support for SCORM 1.2 (RTE-3) and SCORM 2004
  • Assign students in groups, campuses and more
  • Assign students by group to specific courses

Still not sure? Do the research, then call us.

When you are hiring an eLearning developer to build you an eLearning platform there are a few questions you can ask to make sure your project goes smoothly.

As a team we have deployed dozens of eLearning platforms and have learned some very valuable lessons. The goal when we build you an eLearning platform is to make your experience with the platform as intuitive and simple to use as possible.

Here are a few lessons we have learned and questions you should ask your potential eLearning developer:

Will I get custom documentation?

When you or your clients log in to your eLearning platform for the first time, will you know how to navigate the backend? Will you know how to make updates? What happens when 3 months or a year from now you assign another team member to handle the tasks of making updates to the eLearning site? Will you have remembered what your developer taught you and will you be able to teach it to someone else?

To handle these issues on the front end, ask your developer to create custom video documentation for your eLearning platform. Understanding how to navigate and use your own eLearning platform will present challenges if you don't remember how to access sections. Custom documentation will not only help you at launch, but will be important after time passes to remember how to make updates and train new team members.

Will the eLearning platform hierarchy be intuitive?

You will manage your eLearning website from within the platform's backend. Do you want to add an item or training module to your platform? You will do these things here, so how your platform's backend is set up is crucial.

Will permissions and customizations be used?

Because we can create custom eLearning platforms and websites with countless advanced features and abilities, you can be tripped up by the sheer number of options presented to you when you log in to your backend for the first time. Strategically restricting and eliminating certain fields and sections of your platform from team members can help prevent information overload on their part.

Will the site perform well?

You need speed and you want it for many reasons. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than a site that doesn't load quickly. Understanding how to create an eLearning platform that is streamlined for performance is not done by mere chance; it is a well-thought-out process.

This list of questions is simply a starting point for you when working with a custom eLearning developer. StudioX Media focuses on developing our clients' products so that they are lean, mean machines — intuitive and easy to use.

Want to develop a custom eLearning website or LMS platform? Contact us for a consultation today.