Custom eLearning Developer, SCORM and LMS Developer Services

eLearning for Computer-Based Training and
Web-Based Training

A custom eLearning developer empowers you.

A good custom eLearning, SCORM or LMS developer will help you bring your idea for custom courses to life — no matter where in the development life cycle you are. Whether you know exactly what you need and how you want it to look or have very little idea about where to start, we can help. Because we have developed eLearning programs for a wide range companies, we are well-versed in what it takes to create a smart, user-friendly and engaging eLearning course.

Want to train your employees in a way that is easy and convenient for them, and you? Want to sell your courses online and create a steady stream of income for yourself? StudioX Media custom develops eLearning platforms like this every day.

StudioX Media are elearning developers who can customize anything on the course side of your eLearning program as well as the learning management system (LMS) side. 

We develop programs that are desktop, tablet, smartphone friendly:

  • Interactive courses (SCORM)
  • Tests/quizzes (SCORM)
  • Learning management system or LMS (SCORM)
  • The LMS keeps track of where a student has left the course to return them back to where they left off (SCORM bookmarking)
  • The LMS stores scores results of individual questions and more
  • The LMS and Courses developed are 100% browser based for the student and the administrator - no plug-ins required!
  • The LMS supports SCORM courses and is SCORM compliant
  • Provides variety online reports
  • Full support for SCORM 1.2 (RTE-3) and SCORM 2004
  • Assign students in groups, campuses and more
  • Assign students by group to specific courses

Need an LMS?

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Why create a custom eLearning course?

With companies like Udemy and out there, why would a person need a custom eLearning developer? The simple fact is, and Udemy courses are basically course hosting companies that give their clients access to proprietary eLearning software that allows people to make interactive videos, quizzes and the like. If you are a do-it-yourselfer who wants to change a Powerpoint presentation into a simple eLearning course, or you want to upload a series of videos, make them interactive and allow people to view them in sequential order, one of these eLearning companies might be for you.

Custom eLearning development creates an experience where individuals can apply what they have learned throughout interactive modules.

A good custom eLearning developer specializes in eLearning development. A superbly developed eLearning solution will provide users with a more consistent understanding of your course material and deliver it more quickly than other methods of learning and training. Building an eLearning program like this is a skill that only comes with the experience of building dozens of eLearning platforms for a range of businesses. Your eLearning developer should focus on what your audience will experience and are experts in making that experience engaging, enjoyable and most importantly memorable.

An eLearning solution from StudioX Media helps you train your audience.

Whether you want to train your employees to work more efficiently or you need to create a program that creates results for your clients, our eLearning development experience will guide you to the best end possible.

When you work with a custom eLearning developer you can create:

Programs that present information fairly, dependably and consistently, every time.
A training solution providing a simulated environment that is safe for employees and equipment.
A program that delivers subject matter in a visually appealing, straightforward format that the current generation can easily understand.

View examples of what our experienced elearning company can do for you by visiting our portfolio for examples of eLearning modules and samples.

StudioX Media custom eLearning development services include:

  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Instructional design
  • Custom eLearning courses
  • SCORM compliance
  • Games development

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